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Frequently asked questions

1. What is immersion? 

Immersion is a learning and teaching method that places a child in a space where they are completely "immersed" in a target language. It is important to recognize that immersion does not mean that children are taught Spanish, but rather that children are taught in Spanish. Additionally, in immersion models, children are taught by teachers whose first language is Spanish, which creates a stronger grasp on the target language. 

2. I'm a parent and I don't speak Spanish at home. Is this an impediment to my       

    child's learning? 

No, you do not have to speak Spanish at home in order for your child to learn the target language.  Even if you only speak English at home, your child can still thrive at school, since our classes are primarily in Spanish. Moreover, a child's mind is best primed during these early years to both learn and retain multiple languages at once. 

3. Why do you group children, in your preschool, in multi-age clusters? 

At the I Have a Dream Preschool Academy we employ a "Montessori" model of age grouping within our learning space. The Montessori model of learning, as it relates to age grouping puts children in a mixed age space, so that children who are younger can learn from children who are older than them. This creates peer on peer learning and gives children and opportunity to develop natural leadership skills by helping their peers. 

4. How long will it take for my child to learn Spanish? 

The age at which the child is exposed to a second language will impact their rate of acquisition. For example, a child who starts our program at age 3 and continues to age 5, which have a greater grasp on the target language over a child whose been in our program for 2 months. With that in mind, children in a full immersion learning program  can usually begin to display basic comprehension within 3-4 months.  

5. Will learning Spanish negatively impact my child's ability to learn English? 

Children are constantly immersed in English speaking contexts, whether at home or in their local neighborhood or community. Given that the world around us is dominated by English speakers, children will always be afforded a host of opportunities to continue to grow in their English speaking abilities, without it being an impediment to their social development. 

6. Where is the preschool program located?

The I Have a Dream Preschool Academy is housed at Real Community Covenant Church.  

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